MS Excel


. MS Excel is spreadsheet/worksheet program included in Microsoft Office Suite.
. Worksheet has rows and columns which intersects forming cells.
. It is useful for different calculations, data analysis, integration etc.


Title Bar: It displays the name of current worksheet.

Quick Access Toolbar: It allows us to do immediate undo, redo, save operations.

Ribbon Toolbar: It contains tabs like  File, Home,Insert, Data, View, Review etc.

Standard Toolbar: It contains several tabs under selected ribbon tab. Ex: Clipboard, Font, Alignment, Number, Tables, Cells, Editing for Home button.

Function Tab: It displays the function what we perform.

Worksheet: It contains rows and columns which forms cells. We enter data in cells.
Status Bar: It appears at the bottom. When we select data, it displays count, average, sum etc. We also customize it to view min, max value.