MS Word


. MS Word is a component of Microsoft Office Suite.
. It was released in 1983 as Multi-Tool Word. 
. Used to create,edit documents.
. Its first version was based on the framework of Bravo which was world's first graphical writing program.
. Latest version is MS Word 2016.


. We can use different fonts, shapes, formats, clipart etc.
. We can also integrate MS Word with Excel, PowerPoint.
. Used to create all types of documents and save.
. Can be copied to flash drive.


. MS Office Button: When we click this button we get lot of options like new, open, save etc..

. Quick Access Toolbar: Using these we can save, undo, redo actions.

. Title Bar: Displays current program name.

. Menu Bar: Contains names of command menus currently available.

. Formatting Toolbar: It allows us to format text like font styles, size etc.

Paragraph Alignment:

Type Faces:

. Type faces are set of one or more fonts.
. We can change the font and also their style using Formatting Toolbar.

Short keys:

. MS Word provides a lot of short keys to access.
. Instead of using the icons we can make changes by using keyboard.
Ctrl+ASelects all text
Ctrl+BBolds selected text
Ctrl+CCopies selected text
Ctrl+EAligns the text in center
Ctrl+KInserts hyperlink
Ctrl+IApplies italic font 
Ctrl+NOpen new word 
Ctrl+VPastes the copied text
Ctrl+XCuts the selected text
Ctrl+ZUndo the action

Page Margins:

. Used to apply margins to the pages.
. Available in page layout option.
We can choose any of the option as per requirement.

Multiple Columns:

. We can convert the text into multiple columns.
. It is mostly used in Newspaper printing.
. It is found in Columns Tab in Page Layout tool bar.
. We can select number of columns as per requirement.