Windows Hotkeys


. Key or combination of keys which provides quick access to particular function.
. Also called Shortcut keys.
. Example:  To copy, we use Ctrl+C ,
                   To view file explorer, we use Win+E 


Key Function
Win+E Open  Windows Explorer
Win+R Open Run dialog
Win+M Minimize all windows
Win+Shift+M Undo Minimize all windows
Win+L Lock PC
Win+Tab Cycle Task bar buttons
Win+Pause Open System properties 
Win+S Open Search
Win+D Display/ hide desktop


Key Function
Win+Down Arrow Remove current app from screen
Win+Up Arrow Maximize current window
Win+Left Arrow Maximize current window to left of screen
Win+Right Arrow Maximize current window to right of screen
Win+Home Minimize all expect current active window

Ctrl Hotkeys:

Key Function
Ctrl+C Copy selected item
Ctrl+V Paste
Ctrl+X Cut selected item
Ctrl+Z Undo

Other Hotkeys:

Key Function
Alt+Tab Switch to other open app
Alt+F4 Close current active window, if all are closed, open shutdown dialog
Tab Forward one item 
Shift+Tab Backward one item
Space Move down a page at a time
Shift+Space Move up a page at a time
Home Move to beginning of page
End Move to end of page
F1 Open Help
F2 Rename selected item
F3 Search for file or folder
F4 Display address bar in file explorer
F5 Refresh Active Window
F11 Full Screen
F12 Inspect the screen