Word Hotkeys


Key or combination of keys which provides quick access to particular function.
. Word provides icons to perform action. Yet without using mouse, we can perform them using keyboard.
. Examples:
                    To select all text, we use Ctrl+A
                    To save text we written, we use Ctrl+S

Key Function
Ctrl+BTo bold the selected text
Ctrl+CTo copy the selected text
Ctrl+DTo open the font preferences window 
Ctrl+ETo align the selected text in center
Ctrl+FTo open find box
Ctrl+ITo make text italic
Ctrl+JTo align the selected text in justified view
Ctrl+KTo create hyperlink
Ctrl+LTo align the selected text left of screen
Ctrl+NTo open new window
Ctrl+OTo open a file
Ctrl+PTo print 
Ctrl+RTo align the selected text right of screen
Ctrl+UTo underline selected text
Ctrl+VTo paste
Ctrl+WTo close currently opened window
Ctrl+XTo cut
Ctrl+YTo redo action
Ctrl+ZTo undo action


Key Function
Up ArrowMove up
Down ArrowMove down
Left ArrowMoves left
Right ArrowMoves right


Ctrl+Up ArrowMove to beginning of line or paragraph
Ctrl+Down ArrowMove to end of line or paragraph
Ctrl+Left ArrowMoves one word left
Ctrl+Right ArrowMoves one word right


Shift+Up ArrowSelect line towards top
Shift+Down ArrowSelect line towards bottom
Shift+Left ArrowSelect line towards left
Shift+Right ArrowSelect line towards right


Ctrl+Shift+>To increase selected font for +1 upto 12 and then +2 points
Ctrl+Shift+<To decrease selected font for -1 upto 12 and then -2 points
Ctrl+Shift+LCreate bullet point
Ctrl+Shift+FChange font

Ctrl+Navigation keys:

Key Function
Ctrl+DelDeletes one word right to cursor
Ctrl+BackspaceDeletes one word left to cursor
Ctrl+HomeMoves cursor to beginning of document
Ctrl+EndMoves cursor to end of document

Ctrl+Number, Ctrl+Alt+Number:

Key Function
Ctrl+1Single line space
Ctrl+2Double line space
Ctrl+51.5 line space
Ctrl+Alt+1Change to heading 1
Ctrl+Alt+2Change to heading 2
Ctrl+Alt+3Change to heading 3

Function Keys:

Key Function
F1Help menu
F7Spell check of selected text
F12Save as
Shift+F3Change selected text to uppercase or lowercase or first letter capital for each word
Ctrl+F1Open Task pane
Ctrl+F2Show print preview
Ctrl+Shift+F6Shift to other opened word document
Ctrl+Shift+F12Prints document
Alt+Ctrl+F2Open new word document


Key Function
Shift+EnterCreate a soft break instead of new paragraph
Shift+Alt+DInsert current date
Shift+Alt+TInsert current time