Ez Thumbnails

 . It is used to scale down images.
 . Allows to modify number of images of a folder at a time to a particular size.
 . Thumbnails are reduced version of pictures.
 . Thumbnail images are mostly effective to view large number of pictures in web.
 . It makes us to download and view at faster rate from websites.

How to use Ez Thumbnails?

Step 1: Download set up file of Easy Thumbnails from your browser.

Step 2: Install in your PC.

 Step 3: Open Easy Thumbnails.

 Step 4: 
  Open Files tab.
  . Choose an image to make modifications.
  . Provide destination path to save your resized images.

Step 5: 
  . Open the Settings tab, change the size of image as required.
  You can also modify JPEG quality, Brightness, Contrast, Sharpness, Rotation to image.
  . Resize drop-down menu gives 5 options to resize as per choice.
  . Algorithm drop-down menu defines algorithm to resize images.
  . New name drop down menu gives options to rename thumbnail like adding prefix/suffix.
  . Choose Make All to make the same changes to all images in folder.
  Otherwise, choose Make to make changes to single image. 

Result of image:

  . Images below shows difference of older and resized image: