FTP Program

 . Stands for File Transfer Protocol.
 . Fast and convinient way to transfer files over internet.
 . To transfer files via FTP, you need to establish FTP connection.
 . To make FTP connection, we use standard Web browser or FTP clients.

FTP Software:

 . Designed to transfer files back and forth between computer and server over internet.
 . Examples: File Zilla, Cyberduck, Transmit etc.
 . Needs to be installed in computer.
 . Using FTP software, uploading or downloading a file is really easy.
 . Provides lot of extra features.
 . Can drag and drop files easily.

FileZilla Server:

 Step 1: Download and install FileZilla Server in the computer where you want others to access folders from.

 Step 2: Open Control Panel and choose Turn Windows features on or off.

Step 3: Select Internet Information Services and FTP related check boxes.

Step 4: Open Windows Firewall and click Allow an App.

Step 5: Give Public and Private access to FileZilla Server.

Step 6: Turn Off Windows Firewall.

Step 7: Open FileZilla Server and Connect.

 Step 8: 
  . Click on Edit menu and choose Users.
  It is used to add Users to access files from this server.

Step 9: 
   Add users and click on Shared folders.
   Browse the folders you want to share and give permissions to files like Read, Write etc.
   Click OK.

FileZilla Client:

 Step 1: Download and install FileZilla Client in the computer to connect to your server.

 Step 2:
   . Open FileZilla Client and type the host address of server.
   Type Username and Password and click on Quickconnect.

 Step 3:
   Now you will be able to see that you are connected.
   Left of panel shows files, folders on server.
   Right of panel shows files on remote computer.
   . Can drag and drop files.
. You can download by clicking on a file > Right Click > Download.
 . You can upload by clicking on file > Right Click > Upload.