. Software as a service and cloud-based remote connectivity for collaboration, IT management and customer engagement.
 . Started in 2003.
 . Designed with high security features.
 . Acquired all the 'GoTo' products.


 . LogMeIn Pro: Gives access to two computers, you can also invite as many users as you need.
 . LogMeIn Central: Designed for sharing files and updates for IT Professionals.
 . LogMeIn Rescue: Designed to provide technical support to computers.


 . Remote Printing: Allows to print documents from host to client computer.
 . File Manger: Transfer files back and forth.
 . Remote Sound: Allows to hear sound from host to client.
 . Desktop Sharing: Allows to invite a guest to work with your computer.
 . File Sharing: Allows to share files even they don't have LogMeIn.


 Step 1: Type in www.logmein.com and Sign up to create an account.
 Step 2: Create an account.
 Step 3:  Download any version. Below downloaded Pro version.
 Step 4: Complete the registration to identify account.
 Step 5: Now download setup file to add your device to account.
Step 6: Verify your account which is sent to your email.
Step 7: Install the setup file and follow onscreen instructions.
 Step 8: Provide a description to your computer to identify from the client side.

Accessing your PC from another device:

Step 1: Go to www.logmein.com and login with your credentials.
Step 2: Enter your remote computer credentials to access it.
 Step 3: Now you are connected to host computer.
 File Sharing using LogMeIn: 
  . Send and invitation from host computer using File Sharing option.
  . We can make your file expire automatically by setting time.
  . In the client PC, we can download the file easily by clicking Download file.
File Manager:
 . We can move or copy files between two computers using File Manager.
Desktop Sharing:
 . To share desktop to client, send an invitation in the Desktop Sharing option.
 . Now the client can easily view desktop of host by clicking continue.