Google Sheets

Macros using Scripts:

. We can write Macros in Google Sheets by writing scripts.
Consider in a row, Age needs to be incremented or decremented by using a symbol.
. For this, we need to write script.
  > Select Tools
  > Script Editor
. In the script editor, create a function to increase and decrease values.

Now to insert a symbol:
  > Select Insert
  > Drawing
  > Choose Shapes and draw.
 Now assign the script code to the drawn element:
   > Right Click on drawn element
   > Choose Assign Script
   > Mention the name as written in script.

We get the output which increases and decreases the age as we click on elements.
Google Sheet allows to make a option button/ checkbox/ drop-down list with the help of Data Validation.
We can  assign a drop-down to select a City.
  > Select the cell where you want to insert drop-down
  > Go to Data
  > Data Validation
. Now a window appears, select Cell range.
In Criteria, select List of items.
Now, assign the values you want to see in the list.
Finally, we can select any of the items present in the list.