Hard Disk Drive

      . Hard drive is the main data storage device in the computer.
      . Stores data in magnetic form so that, memory retains even there is no power.
      . Operating System, Software files and other files are stored in Hard drive.
      . Connected to motherboard for data connection and power to Hard drive is obtained from SMPS.

       What it contains?

                 . Hard Drive stores large amount of data in the form of binary digits.
                 . Modern computers hard drive data storage can be from Gigabytes to Terabytes.
                 . When we open Hard drive, internally it contains few parts over which its functionality depends.
                          - Platters
                          - Spindle
                          - Read/Write Arm    
                          - Actuator

       How it works?

                 . Platters are most important parts made of Aluminium or glass which is coated with thin layer of metal which can be magnetized and demagnetized. 
                 . Series of platters are stacked over Spindle with small amount of space between them.
                 . Center spindle allows platters to rotate at higher speeds like 5400 or 7200 rpm.
                 . Platters have tiny parts which are magnetized(1) and some are demagnetized(0).
                 . Read/Write head is tiny magnet part present at the Read/Write arm.
                 . Actuators move the Read/Write arm so that whenever it recognizes magnetic area, it is treated as 1.
                 . All the 0's and 1's are sent to processor through the cable for further operation.

       Storing data:

               . Data in hard drive is stored in very orderly pattern on each platter.
               . Bits of data are stored in concentric circles called 'Tracks'.
               . Each of track is divided into parts called sectors.
               . A part of hard drive stores map of these sector to know which area is filled up and which is free.
               . When computer wants to store new information, it looks up in the map to find free sector.
               . It instructs the read-write head to move across the platter to exactly the right location and store the data there.