Multi OS

  Windows 10:

             . Insert the bootable disc into the computer you want to install.
             . Restart the computer and press F10 to enter into boot settings.

             Press F10 to enter into boot settings.
             . In the boot setting, give the priority to the drive which represents your DVD.

             . Save the setting and now press F12 to enter into network boot.
             . Choose the correct option which represents the DVD.

             . It asks you to Press any key to boot from CD/DVD. Press any key
             . It shows Windows set up menu as follows. Click on Next.

             . Click on Install Now.

             . Click on Skip.

            . Accept the liscence and click on Next.

             . Select Custom type of installation and click on Next.

              . Select the Drive. Click on Format to clean that partition and install new OS in that Drive. Click Next.

             . Now Windows Setup starts installing the OS.

            . It takes a longer time and after completion of installation, it shows Customize settings. Turn those off and click on Next.
             . It asks to Create an account for PC. Enter the name and set password. Click on Next.

            . After everything is done, it takes a little time to complete the setup.
            . The following screen represents Windows is installed successfully.

  Windows XP:

           . Download Windows XP ISO file from the internet and burn it into a DVD.
           . Insert the DVD into the computer and enter into Boot setup and select device to boot from.

             . Windows setup starts showing the following screen.

              . Press Enter to continue the setup.

               . Accept license by pressing F8 key. 

                . Now select the partition to install the setup.

              . Press Enter to continue.

                . Now it starts copying the files. It takes longer time. Wait until the Reboot option is visible.

              . File copying is completed. Press Enter to Restart Computer.

                . The screen shows setup with Windows XP.

              . It installs the windows setup now. It takes longer time to complete.

              . Select the language and we can customize settings in the next screen. Click Next.

               . Enter name and organization and hit Next.

               . Enter product key and click on Next.

                . Now enter Computer name and give password. Click on Next.

                . Edit date and time and select Time zone. Click on Next.

               . Final installation takes place.

              . Now it asks to select the Operating System. Choose Windows XP.

                . Finally it applies few settings and starts the Windows.

               . It shows login page, enter password and click enter.

               . Windows screen appears and we have to install the drivers for its functionality.

  RedHat Linux: 

             . Download ISO file for Redhat Linux Operating System and burn into DVD.
             . Now insert DVD into computer and enter into Network boot.
             . Select Install Red Hat Enterprise Linux and hit Enter.

                 . Choose Language and click next.

              . It shows the following window. Customize all the details like Date & Time, Keyboard, Language support.

                 . Select Installation source as your current device.
                 . In software selection, select Server with GUI.

                  . Now select Installation Destination and choose I will configure partitioning.

                       . Select Standard Partition and click on + symbol in the bottom to add spaces.

                       . We have to add a total of 4 partitions which are '/', 'boot', 'swap', 'home' with different amount of spaces.

                     . After adding all the memory divisions, click on Done present on the top left corner.

                   . Now click on Accept Changes.

               . Now at the bottom, Reboot appears click on it.
                          . It starts installing the OS. We can add root password and User in the following screen. 

                      . Clicking on Root password, we can enter the password we want to assign.

                      . Clicking on User Account, we can add User along with password.

                       . Installation takes a long time. After completion of installation, prompt appears where we need to accept license and continue.

                        . It enters into the Linux OS showing the user account.

                        . Next it asks for password to login.

                        . Finally Linux Operating System appears as below.