Firebird SQL

    . Firebird SQL is an Open source RDBMS.
   . Runs on Windows, Linux, MacOs and Unix.
   . Uses SQL for working with Firebird SQL.

  Downloading Firebird:

         . Firebird is open source database, we can download from internet.
                 . Select Operating System and download installer.

  Installing Firebird:

        . Run the executable file.
        . Accept the license and click on Next.

             . Give the password to use the database, click on Next.

  Using Firebird:

             . Open Firebird ISQL Tool.

           Creating database:

                  . Syntax: CREATE DATABASE 'database_path';

                   . Connect to the database by using the following syntax:
                   . CONNECT 'database_path' user 'SYSDBA' password '___';               

           Creating table:

                  . Syntax: CREATE TABLE table_name(col1 datatype,...coln datatype);

           Inserting Records:

                  . Syntax: INSERT INTO table_name VALUES (val1,...,valn);

           Retrieving Records:

                   . Syntax: SELECT * FROM table_name;

           Updating Records:

                  . Syntax: UPDATE table_name SET col_name=val
                                 WHERE condition;

           Deleting Records:

                  . Syntax: DELETE FROM table_name
                                 WHERE condition;