Monitor Settings

   Changing Aspect Ratio:

         . Aspect Ratio can be defined as the ratio of width and height of the screen.
         . It can be changed in a computer by few settings.
         . Right click on the desktop, click on Display Settings.

         . In the Resolution menu, select resolution from the list and click on Keep Changes.

        . Screen looks as below:

   Changing Vertical to Horizontal:

         . By default our screen appears in Horizontal mode.
         . We can change the way it appears by few settings:

       . In Orientation, select Portrait and click on Keep Changes.
    . The screen looks like below after settings:

   Changing Taskbar location to different locations:

      . Taskbar generally appears in the bottom of the screen.
      . We can change its position to either top or any of the either sides.
      . Right click on the task bar and uncheck the lock taskbar option. 

        . Now you can drag the taskbar to any of the desired sides.
        . Taskbar on the left of the screen.

      . Task bar on the right of the screen.

       . Task bar on the top of the screen.

 Setting a screensaver with password for a timeout:

      . Right click on the desktop, select Display settings.

      . Now type screen saver in the search box.
      . It shows a window where we can change the settings as follows: