80-20 Rule

What is 80-20 Rule?

. Vilfredo Pareto, Italian Economist observed 80% of income in Italy is received by 20% of Italian population.
. 80-20 Rule was suggested by Joseph M.Juran which is also called Pareto's Principle.
. It says that, 80% of outcomes come from 20% of your inputs.

Real Life Examples:

80% of maximum sales in shopping malls happens in 20% of days in year.
80% of calls we make is to 20% of people in contact list.
80% of time, 20% of roads are highly used.
In business, 80% of revenue comes from 20% of clients.
20% of habits have 80% of impact in daily life.
In kitchen, we always place 20% of items nearer which are useful 80% of time.
. 80% of students studies only during 20% of academic year.

80-20 Rule in Designing:

In designing, 20% of functionality and features are responsible for 80% of results.
. Simplify designs and layouts based on data that falls under 20% most used functions.
. Optimize whatever elements you have identified as being responsible.
. Prioritize key aspects that are most important.


80% of time we use 20% of applications and place on desktop/taskbar

. In Facebook, 80% of time we use 20% of actions, so they are placed in easy reach.

. UC Browser shows only 20% of apps we use for 80% of time.


Looks simplied.
. Free from distractions.
. Page response time will be faster.
Better user experience.
. Saves time.