. Jagged edge or stair-step effect on smooth line.
. It is found in images and sound.


. Sampling rate < 2(Max Frequency).
. Resolution of output device is low.


. Technique to reduce jaggies and make line smooth.
. In sound processing, we use antialiasing filter before sampling.

How to achieve Antialiasing?

. Increase sampling rates.
. Blur edges.

Types of Antialiasing:

Super Sample Antialising (SSAA)Downsamples high resoultion imagesSmoother edge
Multi Sample Antialiasing (MSAA)Takes parts of image and processSmoother edge
Adaptive Antialiasing Extension to MSAAWorks with alpha/ transparent text
Coverage Sampling Antialiasing (CSAA)Increases number of samplesHigher quality MSAA
Enhanced Quality Antialiasing (EQAA)Increases number of samples Higher quality MSAA
Fast Approximate Antialiasing (FXAA)Detects edges in frame and blurres itFaster, less hardware, smooths out edges
Temporal Antialiasing (TXAA)Implementation varies from game to gameImproved result over FXAA

Applications :

. A/D convertion process
. Optical Image Sampling
. PhotoShop
. Audio applications
. Gaming applications
. Digital Photography