Fitt's Law


. In 1954, Paul Fitts stated that time required to move a target depends on distance to it, relating to size inversely.
Bigger i.e., fitty the object is and closer it is to us, easier it will be for us to reach.

General Examples:

. Using self-start instead of kick rod for bikes.
. Using remote control for changing channels in television.
. Wide monitor screens increases visual comfort.
. Navigation bar to quick access.
. Windows start menu at corner of screen.
. Usage of hotkeys.
. To type in search, google has a wide text box.

Space Bar in keyboard

Switch board to operate

Fitt's law in pen without cap

Tap with fitty handle

Fitt's Law in designing:

. In UI designing, the elements should always be bigger enough and close to reach.
. Things done more often should be closer to the average position of the user's cursor and assigned a larger button
. Command buttons must larger than the other.
. Good number of Pop-up menus reduces the time to perform actions.