. Formatting data in cells changes the appearance of numbers without changing them.
List of Options we can format:
  > Number - To changes the format of numbers like %, decimals etc.
  > Alignment - To align the content of cells
  > Font -  To change the appearance of content like color, size, font family etc.
  > Border - To apply border styles to cells.
  > Fill - To fill cells with colors.
  > Protection - To Hide/Lock cells.

Formatting Text:

. Text can be formatted using Font, Alignment toolbars.
. We can change size, color, font , borders, alignment.
. Select the cells and then apply changes.

Formatting Numbers:

. Numbers can be formatted using Number Format tool bar.
. We can apply currency, %, fractions, accounting, scientific, time , date formats.
. Select the cells and apply changes.

Formatting date:

. We can change the date format using Format Toolbar.
. Select the cells and click on Long Date.
. It converts the format of date.