Grid Design in Printing


. Grid is used to structure content.
. It optimizes layouts.
. Grids work in single and multiple page formats.

Grid design in Printing:

. Most printings are designed using grids.
. It arranges content in order.
. Reliability is increased.

Types of Grid Design:

1.Manuscript Grid:

    . Used for presenting large continuous blocks.
    . Usage: Books, blog posts.

    2.Column Grid:

      . Used to place different type of information in different columns.
      . Usage: For exhibiting discontinuos data, newspapers.

      3.Modular Grid:

        . Used to increase flexibility. Has horizontal spaces between blocks of content.
        . Usage: Shopping Carts, Picture gallaries.

        4.Heirarchial Grid:

          . These are created organically. It places content in random order.
          . Used in web, newspapers, magazines

          Few Grid Layouts: