Grid Design:Chandigarh Vs Chennai

Design of Chandigarh:

. In 1950, Jawaharlal Nehru invited Le Corbusier to design Chandigarh city.
. The metaphor of a human being was being employed in the plan.

   . Head : Capital Complex
   . Heart : Commercial center
   . Arms : Education and liesure
Grid design of Chandigarh
. Maps are displayed along the walkways and footpaths.
. Every sector had residential and commercial zones.

   Roads in Chandigarh

   Parliament of Chandigarh

Outcomes out using Grid design in Chandigarh:

. Whole city looks balanced and organized.
. Parking problems don’t create a havoc on the main roads.
. Even a tourist can find his own way.
. It is one of the best planned cities of world.

Design of Chennai:

. Design of Chennai city was out of grid design principle.
    Chennai design

    Drawbacks of Chennai city design:

    . Heavy traffic
    . Unorganized structure

      View of Chennai

      Traffic in Chennai