Mail Merge

It is used to send same content to multiple recipients.
All the documents are identical except specific sections.
. It connects to data source containing names, address, other data of each user.
. Using that data, it sends mail to every row in the list.

Process to Mail Merge:

. It consists of 3 documents:
  > Main Document
  > Mailing List
  > Merged output document
. Create the Mailing List in Excel Spread Sheet.
. It should contain the essential data to send mail.
. Enter all the recipients data into it.
. Save the file.

. Prepare Main Document in Word.
. Type the body of mail which you wanted to share.
. Attach all the data which is common to everyone.
. Click Start Mail Merge.
. Click on Select Recipients and choose Use an Existing List.
. Select Data Source i.e., location of list.
. Choose the Table with $ sign and Click Ok.
. To edit recipient list, choose Edit Recipient List and can modify data.
. We can remove recipients if we want to exclude.
. Now select Address Block.
. Select the format to show Address in the mail to send.
. In the Greeting Block, we can change the Greeting line as we require.
. In the Match Fields, we can match the column to the existing ones.
. Finally apply changes in the content if any.
. Preview the results.
. After everything is done, Click Finish&Merge.
. We have 3 options.
. Select as we require.