Excel Hot Keys

Function Keys:

F2Edit Selected Cells
F4Repeat last action
F7Spell Check
F11Create chart from selected data
Alt+Shift+F1Insert New worksheet
Shift+F3Open Excel Formula window
Shift+F5Open Search box
Ctrl+F3Open Excel Name Manager
Ctrl+F9Minimize current window
Ctrl+F10Maximize currently selected window
Ctrl+F6Switch between open workbook/window

Hotkeys with Alphabets:

Ctrl+ASelect all cells
Ctrl+BBold selected cells
Ctrl+DTo fill content down
Ctrl+IItalic selected cells
Ctrl+KInsert Hyperlink
Ctrl+PTo print
Ctrl+RTo fill content right
Ctrl+UUnderline selected cells
Ctrl+ZTo Undo last action

Hotkeys with Numbers:

Ctrl+1To format cells
Ctrl+2To Bold
Ctrl+3To Italic
Ctrl+4To Underline
Ctrl+5To Strike cells
Ctrl+Shift+1Comma Format
Ctrl+Shift+2Time Format
Ctrl+Shift+3Date Format
Ctrl+Shift+4Currency Format
Ctrl+Shift+5Percentage Format
Ctrl+Shift+6Scientific Format


Ctrl+;To enter Current Date
Ctrl+Shift+;To enter Current Time
Ctrl+'To insert value of above cell
Ctrl+HomeTo move to cell A1
Ctrl+SpaceTo select entire columns
Shift+SpaceTo select entire rows
Ctrl+ArrowsMove to next sections
Ctrl+TabMove between excel files
Ctrl+PageUpMove up to worksheet of same document
Ctrl+PageDownMove down to worksheet of same document
Alt+=To create sum formula for all above cells
Ctrl+-To delete selected row/column