Vector Graphics


. Images generated by a computer.

Vector Graphics:

. Uses mathematical equations to draw images.
. These are translated into points that are connected by lines/curves.
. Makes up all shapes.

Raster Graphics:

. Digital images captured as set of sample of space.
. Raster is a grid of x, y coordinates on display space.
. Also referred to as 'bitmap' because it contains information that is directly mapped to display grid.

Differences :

  Raster Graphics  Vector Graphics
  Made of pixels  Made of shapes
  Takes time to convert into vector  Can easily convert into raster
  Resoulution dependent  Resolution independent
  Large file size because of pixels  Small file size
  Losses quality if scaled  Scalable without losing quality
  Used for printed medium & photographs  Used for logos


Magnifying a bottle

When to use Vector Graphics?

. Printing
. Auto-Cad designing 
. Logo Creations