Core FTP

 . It is a secure FTP client for Windows.
 . Supports FTP, SFTP.
 . Transfers files between computer and servers.
 . Can optionally reconnect to lost connections.
 . Can perform queuing on multiple FTP transfers on multiple sites.
 . Has low memory footprint.


 Step 1: Download Core FTP from browser.
 Step 2: Install in your computer.

 Step 3: After following onscreen instructions and complete installation, open Core FTP. In the Site Manager, enter Host details, Username and password and click on Connect.

Transfering files:

 . After connecting, left panel shows local computer files and right panel shows the remote computer files.
 . You can directly drag and drop the files to transfer or else upload/download.
 . To upload a file select a file, click on upload button.

 . To download files, select the files from remote side and click on the download button.

 . If you try to connect to another server, it disconnects the current one.