Cute FTP

 . Used to transfer files between computers and FTP servers.
 . Can transfer files of any size.
 . Securely work with multiple remote sites at one time.
 . Edit remote documents with buit-in-editor.
 . Schedule fast, fully automated transfers.


 Step 1: Download CuteFTP client from browser.

Step 2: Install in your computer.

 Step 3: Open CuteFTP. Click on Continue for Trial Version.

Step 4: Enter Host Address and Click Next.

 Step 5: Enter Username and Password and Click Next.

 Step 6: Click Finish to set up the connection.

Uploading Files:

 . Left panel shows the local computer and right panel shows the remote computer files.
 . Select a file to upload and right click on it. Click on upload.
 . Uploaded file appears in the right panel.
 . There are few GUI icons for quick access.

Downloading Files:

 . Select a file to download and right click. Select download and it appears in left panel.
  . Also you can select Download Advanced mode and schedule download time.
  . You can view the Log Window at the bottom of the page to see the details of file transfer.