. A free FTP client to access files from servers.
 . Available for Windows, MacOS.
 . User interacts with GUI.
 . Can accommodate files over 2GB.
 . Supports FTP, SFTP, WebDAV, S3.
 . Includes Book Manager.
 . Available in 25 languages including English.


 Step 1: Download Cyberduck.
  Step 2: Install in your computer. Click Next.

 Step 3: After completing installation, Click on Finish.
Step 4: Open Cyberduck and click on Open Connection. Enter Server, Username and Password.

 Step 5: Click on Continue.

Downloading a file:

 . Select a file and Click on Action. Choose Download.

Uploading a file:

 . Click on Upload, Choose a file to upload and click on Choose.
  . You can see the file uploaded in the remote computer.


 . Click on Transfers button and you can see all the file transfers you have done.

Adding Bookmarks:

 . We can add bookmarks for quick access to computers.
 . Click on Bookmarks menu and choose New Bookmark.


 . To view history of accessed computers, click on History button.