. It is FTP, SFTP and FTPS client for Windows.
 . Can upload, download files, photos, videos, music etc.
 . Edit multiple remote files simultaneously.
 . Transfer or backup local and remote files.
 . No file size limit.
 . Control transfer speed.
 . Server to server FTP transfers.


 Step 1: Download Flash FXP from browser.

Step 2: Install in your computer.

 Step 3: After installation, open Flash FXP.

 Step 4: To start a connection, click on Connect icon and enter Server details.

Transferring files:

 . When you open Flash FXP, left panel shows local computer and right shows remote computer files.

 . You can easily drag and drop files.
 . Also you can select files, right click and select Transfer Selected.

 . Similarly on the on the remote side, you can select files and transfer into local computer.

 . We can select multiple files and make them a queue by right clicking and selecting Queue Selected.

 . To start transferring the queue, click on the GUI icon shown below.

 . You can also set speed limits to download or upload files: