Formatting Text

  . Along with image and photo manipulation, Photoshop allows us to enter and format text in images.
  . We can add text to a presentation or logo images.
  . To format text, Photoshop provides different panels like Character Panel, Paragraph Panel, Color Panel, Character Styles Panel etc.
  . Click on Window menu and select the panels to make them visible.

Formatting Characters:

  . Enter characters using "Text" tool from tool bar.
  . Highlight section by clicking and holding left mouse button and dragging cursor over it.
  . Now we can select appropriate options in Character Panel to format characters.

Changing Colors:

  Using fill shortcuts:
   . To fill with foreground color, press Alt+Backspace.
   . To fill with background color, press Ctrl+Backspace.

  Color Picker:
   . Select the characters you want to change.
   . In options bar, click color swatch.
   . Choose desired color.
   . Selected color appears in top half.
   . Original color appears in bottom half.

Using All caps or Small caps:

  . Used to format characters in All Capital or Small notations.

Using Superscript or Subscript:

  . These are reduced size text that is raised or lowered in relation to font's base line.

Using Character Styles:

  . We can also apply styles to characters which are present in Styles Panel.
  . Click on Windows menu and select Styles.
  . Select the text/ text layer and click on the style in the Style Panel.

Using Warp Text:

  . We can warp text into different styles using Warp Text option in option bar.

Adding text as Layers:

  . We can also add text as layer over an image.
  . We can apply the same formatting as mentioned above over the text layers.