Google Chrome Remote Desktop

 . It is a remote desktop software tool that allows user to remotely control another computer using Chromoting protocol.
 . Developed by Google.
 . Transmits keyboard and mouse event from one computer to another.
 . Can access files or applications through it over internet.


 . Supports Remote Assistance mode to diagnose or troubleshoot another computer.
 . Supports Remote Desktop mode to connect another machine of yours remotely.
 . Remote Assistance is available for Windows, Mac, iOS, Android devices.
 . Remote Desktop is supported for Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems.
 . Allows to cut, copy, paste things between two computers.

To Share your Computer:

Step 1: Open Chrome and type chrome://apps in address bar.
Step 2: If you found Chrome Remote Desktop, click on it.
            Otherwise type in Download Chrome Remote Desktop and click on Add to Chrome as shown below.
Step 3: Now click on Chrome Remote Desktop.
 Step 4: Click on Get Started from either of Remote Assistance or My computers as per requirement.
 Step 5: Click on Share button to generate Access Code.
 Step 6: Share this code with person you want to use your computer.

To Access other's computer:

 Step 1: Go to Chrome and Open Google Chrome Remote Desktop.
 Step 2: Click on Get Started.
 Step 3: Click on Access.
  Step 4: Enter Access Code provided by the host computer and click on Connect.
  Step 5: Now the host computer should approve by clicking Share.
Step 6: From now, you will be able to access host computer successfully.
To Stop Session: Click on Stop Sharing to stop the session.