. It is a cloud based support solution for Technicians access and control Customer's devices remotely.
 . It can manage in-session chat, transfer documents, remotely configure and reboot devices.
 . It was created by SaaS division of Citrix Systems and released in 2000. 


 . It offers two-way screen sharing for Technicians and Customers for support.
 . Can conduct chat sessions, configure mobile devices, update profiles.
 . Supports session recording and reporting.
 . Provides mobile devices remote support.
 . Multi-session for upto 8 customers at a time.
 . Can access and control unattended computers.

Process to provide support:

 Step 1:  Create an account.

 Step 2: Login to your account from your desktop to provide support.

 Step 3: Install desktop app on your computer.

Process to receive support:

 Step 1: 
  - Type in in the browser.
  - Enter your name and Support Key provided by Technician.

 Step 2: 
   - Approve the session. Click Yes.

 Step 3:
   - Now you are connected to Host computer.
   - Can share files or chat using the menu options shown below:
   - From this part, both Technician and Customer is able to share the screens.
   - One can understand what the other is doing in the computer.

 To end Session:
   - Choose End Session option in the menu.
   - It shows the below pop-up menu to confirm exit.