. GoToMyPC allows you to access and work on your computer from any location connected to internet.
 . Developed by ExpertCity and launched in 1998.
 . Acquired by LogMeIn in early 2017.


 1. GoToMyPC:
   - Provides remote access for individual users.
   - We can access and use your files, programs, emails and network from anywhere.

 2. GoToMyPC Pro:
   - Provides remote access with user management designed for companies with fewer than 50 employees.

 3. GoToMyPC Corporate:
   - Provides remote access with advanced user management and features for companies with large teams.


 . Can easily transfer a file between computers.
 . Cut, copy, paste between your connected computers.
 . Can hear your music or voicemail on the PC you are accessing.


 Step 1:  Register your Account and Install GoToMyPC on the PC you want to access remotely.

Step 2: Connect from other devices with login credentials.

From PC:
 . Click on Connect to access your PC remotely.

 . Enter Access Code.

From Mobile:
 . Install GoToMyPC App in your Android or iOS device.
 . Login with credentials.

  . Enter Access Code.

 . Access successfully from mobile device as follows: