Lighthouse and Morse Code

 . Lighthouse is a tower designed to emit light from system of lamps.
 . Used to help navigators to find their way during night time.
 . Also warn them in case of danger.
 . It is like traffic sign on the sea.
 . Lighthouse of Alexandria was first lighthouse in the world built in 290 BC.
  . Earlier, lighthouses were lit by open fires or candles on the top.
  . Eventually, kerosene, whale oil were used for brighter lights to emit.
  . In 1800's, Augustin Fresnel invented Fresnel lens.
  . With use of that, light is concentrated and projected by using series of lens.
  . It transmits over longer distance.

Use of Morse Code:

  . To convey any message, morse code can be used in lighthouses.
  . ON/OFF of light as per dot and dash.
  . Suppose to say 'M', light is 3 seconds on, 1 second off, 3 seconds on.
  . Also to communicate between two ships travelling together, concept of Lighthouse and Morse code can be used for communication.

Visibility of light:

  . Visual range depends on both height of lighthouse and the viewer.
  . Calculated by formula: 1.23 miles * sqrt(height of tower from water level).

Decline of lighthouses:

  . There are many lighthouses along long coastal line of India.
  . Lighthouses are still in use today, but not as necessary as once they were.
  . Due to advancement in electronic navigation systems like GPS, Satellite tracking systems, lighthouse are not much useful.
  . Also their expenses to maintain them lead to shutting down of most of lighthouses.