Photoshop Layers

What is Photoshop?

. It is image editing software developed and manufactured by Adobe Systems Inc.
. It was created by Thomas and John Knoll in 1988.
. It allows us to manipulate, crop, resize and correct colors on digital photos.
. It is most popularly used by professional photographers and graphic designers.

Structure of Photoshop tool:

. Title bar: It is used to display the name of file.
. Menu bar: It consists of menus like File, Edit, Image etc.
. Option bar: It shows the options as per the selected tool.
. Tool bar: It consists of many tools which helps to create, edit images.
. Status bar: It displays information of current image.

Adding Image:

. We can also directly create image by using File Menu.
  > File
  > New
Using File Menu, we can add image and edit.
  > File
  > Open
After opening the image, we can modify the size, color using image menu.
Changed color to Gray:

Changing colors using Adjusting Color Balance:
. We can adjust the color combination using Color Balance:
  > Image
  > Adjustments
  > Color Balance

Changing image size:
. We can resize the image using Image Size option in Image menu.
  > Image
  > Image size
Resized image:

Photoshop Layers:

. Layers are very useful if we want to add special effects to picture.
. We can add different images, shapes, text as layers on the picture.
. We can move the location of added items accordingly.
. A single picture can have multiple layers present below them.

Adding Layers:

. We can add multiple layers on above the other in the layer palette.
. Any image added acts as Background layer by default in the layer palette.
. We can rename the Background layer by double clicking on the name.
. Here name of layer is renamed as 'man'.
. We can add another layer over it by clicking on create new layer in layer palette.
. In that layer, I added shape of Sun using Elliptical marquee tool in tool bar.
. Layer is renamed as 'sun'.
. We can move the position of Sun over the image by dragging mouse holding Ctrl.
. Similarly, Text can also be added as another layer.
. It shows that 'text' layer is in the top and it covers 'sun' and 'man' layers.
. Now let us add another image into the existing image as a layer.
. To move it into the existing image, we need to hold Ctrl and drag into the image.
. From the above, we can observe that image is covering all the layers below it and acting as top layer.
. That is why we could not see Sun, text written and image of man.
. We can change the position of layers by dragging it down.
. We can also choose certain part of layer and make it as another layer.
. To select certain part of layer, we can make use of the tool in tool bar.
. With the help of Lasso tool, I selected particular portion from tree layer and made it as another layer.
.  After re-arranging the layers, the result is as below: