. It is computer software package for remote control, desktop sharing, file transfer between computers.
 . It can connect to any PC, so that you can remote control your partner's PC as if you were sitting right infront of it.
 . It works with Windows, Mac, Linux Operating Systems and Mobile( Android, Apple) devices.


 . Can connect to virtual meetings of 25 people or more.
 . Training videos, presentations and demonstrations can be easily shared.
 . It doesn't require each machine to have software installed.
 . It supports multi platform connections.
    - PC to PC
    - Mobile to PC
    - PC to Mobile
    - Mobile to Mobile
 . It is available in more than 30 languages and supports international  keyboards.
 . It allows to record and archieve meetings so that they can be accessed later.


 Step 1: Type in in browser.

 Step 2: Download setup file.

 Step 3: Go to file location and run the application.

 Step 4: Click Yes.

 Step 5: Installing options:
  - We can choose Run only to access TeamViewer without installation.
  - Select appropriate buttons and then click on Accept-finish button.

 Step 6: Now the TeamViewer is ready to use. Enter Partner's Id and Password to connect.

. Let us connect to a computer with ID and password as shown below:

. To get connected with this system, we need to enter above ID and Password in our PC

. Now we will be able to access partner's PC from our PC successfully.

Accessing from Mobiles:
. Install TeamViewer App in your Android or iOS device.
. Enter Partner ID.

. Provide password.

. Access Partner's PC from your mobile.