. A free application to make connections to remote computers for transferring files for Windows.
 . Monitors local folders and automatically upload them.
 . Supports FTP and SFTP.
 . Create/ Edit / Update files directly from client.


 Step 1: Download WinSCP from internet.

Step 2: Install in your computer following on screen instructions.

 Step 3: Select Typical installation.

 Step 4: Select Commander User interface style.

  Step 5: Click Finish and WinSCP is ready now.

 Step 6: Open WinSCP. Choose File protocol, enter details.

 Step 7: Choose File protocol from the drop-down menu.

  Step 8: Enter details into each textbox and click on Login.

Transferring Files using WinSCP:

 . After login in to the server, you will see 2 panels.
 . Left panel shows folders of local computer.
 . Right panel shows folders of remote computer.
 . Select the files, drag and drop them to the other panel.

 . Can view the files in the other panel after dropping.

 . Also you can transfer files using upload.

File Transfer for different Ports:

 . If the host computer has changed port number in his/ her computer, you can login with different port number and can transfer files similarly.
 . To change port number, go to the site and click on Bindings, there you can change port number (At host side).

 . Enter the port number along with other details and click on Login.