Analog Vs Digital Phones

  . Phone or telephone is telecommunication device.
  . Converts sound into electronic signals and sends data to longer distances.
  . Transmitted via cables or other transmission media.
  . Manner in which data is being transmitted tells us whether it is analog or digital phone.

  Analog Phones:

        . It uses Analog Technology which converts audio into electronic pulses.
        . These electronic pulses travel until it reach destination.
        . Also called Plain Old Telephone Services (POTS).
        . Used in homes and small business which needs minimum facilites.
        . Offers hold, mute, redial etc.
        . Has less number of keys.

  Digital Phones:

        . It uses Digital Technology which converts audio into binary code 0's and 1's.
        . Used in offices, large business areas which require many facilities.
        . Offers integrity with VoIP (Internet Protocol for voice transmission), voicemail, music on hold, transfer etc.
        . Has many keys.

  Cordless Phones:

         . It uses both analog and digital.
         . Wireless handset uses digital technology to connect to base.
         . Base uses analog technology to transmit sound.

  Analog Vs Digital:

ConversionAudio into electronic pulsesAudio into 0's and 1's
SecurityLessMore because it can easily set up encryption
CoverageLimited RangeAllows more users to use within coverage area
Sound QualityHigherLow compared to analog due to conversions involved
ClarityLessMuch clearer signals
FadingMore prone to signal fadingLess prone
ErrorsOccursCan correct errors that occur during transmission
FlexibilityRelocating requires rewiringFlexible
OptionsHold, mute, redial etcVoicemail, VoIP, music on hold etc
Used inHome, small businessOffices, Large business areas