Aspect Ratio

   . Describes relation between width and height of an image.
   . Ratio of width to height of an image or screen.
   . Expressed as W:H
   . Value of W and H are not actual width and height, but its relation between them.
   . For every W inches width of image, we will have H inches of height.

Images on screens with different Aspect Ratio:

   . 4:3 is full screen view.
   . Screen is 33% wider than its height.
   . 16:9 is wide screen view.
   . Screen is 78% wider than its height.
   . Blackbars fills the extra space when the aspect ratio of screen and content do not match.

Different Aspect Ratios and their usage:

   . Old TVs were designed in the aspect ratio 4:3
   . But most of monitors and HDTVs that are available today are in 16:9
Aspect RatioUses
4:3Old TVs
16:9Majority of HDTVs
21:9Most Theaters
14:10Very few Theaters
19:10Most IMAX Theaters