Cat5 cable

  Category 5 cable is twisted pair cable for computer networks.
  . Widely used in Ethernet over twisted pair.
  . Ethernet is a way to connect computers on a network over wired connection.
  . Also used to carry other signals like telephony and video.
  . This cable is commonly connected to RJ45. 
  . RJ45 stands for Registered Jack, it is standardized networking interface.
  . Maximum length of cable line segment is 100m.

Crimping cat5 cable:

Things needed:

  . Cat5 cable
  . RJ-45 connectors
  . Crimping tool.


Step 1: Cut edges of cable upto 2 inches using Crimping tool.
 Step 2: Seperate the wires and arrange in the order of:
               - White+Orange
               - Orange
               - White+Green
               - Blue
               - White+Blue
               - Green
               - White+Brown
               - Brown

 Step 3: Now insert these wires into RJ-45 connector.
 Step 4: Now insert into Crimping tool and press it.
 Step 5: Now one end of wire is ready.
Step 6: Similarly do with the other end and can use this cable for connection purposes.