File Size

     . It is measure of space a file takes on storage medium.
     . Measured in Bytes.
     . 1 Byte is sequence of 8 bits. 
     . A single letter or character uses 1 Byte of memory.
Byte (B)8 bits
KiloByte (KB)1024 Bytes
MegaByte (MB)1024 KB
GigaByte (GB)1024 MB
TeraByte (TB)1024 GB
PetaByte (PB)1024 TB
ExaByte (EB)1024 PB 
ZetaByte ( ZB)1024 EB
YottaByte (YB)1024 ZB

    . We can reduce the file sizes either by cropping images or using online programs for reducing sizes.
    . In our Computer, files sizes are shown which describes how much memory they occupy.
    . Also in our mobiles, we have space for memory in terms of GB.
    . Any video, song, image or document occupies some amount of space from that memory.