IO Devices

   . Input and Output Devices are external devices added to CPU.
   . They send and receive information to computer in digitalized form.

Input Devices:

   . Any hardware device which sends data to computer.
   . They also allow to control computer.
   . We can give instruction in various types like voice, touch, keys from keyboard, hand moments etc.

    Mouse: We can roll over screen, click on links and move to next pages etc.

    Keyboard: We can type data using keyboard and send it.

    Touch Screen: Touching the screen at different point allows us to send data.

    Microphone: Our voice signals are send into microphone and it is converted into digital signals and send further to other systems like speakers.

    Scanner: Scans images or photographs and sends data into computer in digital form.

    Game controller: Allows us to send movements in gaming.

    Joystick: Allows to control movements in different systems.

    Barcode Reader: Reads the barcode on different items and sends them to process further. Usually seen in shopping malls.


Output Devices:

   . Hardware devices which allows us to receive data from computer.
   . We may receive data in various forms like sound, visual screen, printing etc.
   . They give us instructions as per processed data like traffic signals.

    Monitor: Displays the information to the user.

    Printer: Computer sends data to printer in digital form, it prints the output in the user understandable format.

    Speakers: They produce high volumed sound by receiving information from other device.

    Headset: Produce sound from connected device and individual can hear sound from it.

    Projectors: Projects the information on the wide screen which is received in digital form.

    Traffic Signals: Displays 3 different colors which meant to stop, ready and go according to the instruction from some other device.

    Plotter: Draws figures or images using different colors.