IP Address

    . Stands for Internet Protocol Address.
    . Provides identity to a networked device.

How it works?

    . Whenever we make request in browser, it tags request with IP address.
    . It functions as virtual return address so that we get response to that.

How to know your IP?

  Pubilic IP: Type in 'what is my ip' in Google .

  Private IP: Go to Command Prompt and type 'ipconfig'.

   . It consists of 2 parts: Network ID and Host ID.
   . Specific network and the device on that specific network is identified by them.
   . Example: Host ID is 146 for the Network
            , etc are unique devices on the same network.

IPv4 and IPv6:

   . IPv4 is first standard for IP Addressses.
   It is sequence of 4 blocks of numbers, each block is value between 0 and 255 seperated by period.
   . Consists of 32 bit address.
   . IPv4 allowed 4.3 billion unique addresses.

   . IPv6 is latest standard providing 128 bit IP address.
   . Written in hexadecimal and separated by colons.
   It allows trillions of unique address which will meet demand for future.

Types of IP Address:

  1. Public: It is address that is assigned to computing device to allow direct access over internet.
                  It is globally unique and can only be assigned to unique device.

  2. Private: It is address that is assigned to each device within network.
                    It is referred to as local IP address.
                    Any device in the network can communicate within each other using it.

Static IP Address:

   . It is assigned by Internet Service Provider (ISP).
   . It is used by servers hosting websites or email service, database, FTP services etc.
   . Most of devices does't use static IP addresses.
   . It doesn't change even if computer reboots.

Dynamic IP Address:

   . Most of devices uses Dynamic IP addresses.
   . It is not constant and given dynamically by ISP using DHCP ( Dynamic Host Control Protocol).
   . Each time your device is rebooted, it gets new IP from ISP.
   . It is not sure that we get same IP as previous.