. Stands for Picture Elements.
   . 'Pix' ------> Picture
   . 'Els' ------> Elements
   . Smallest units of digital images.
   . Combined to form a complete image or text or any thing we see on screen.
   . More the number of pixels, better image results.
    . Any image is made up of small pixels which is resulted from the colors of RGB.
   . They are arranged in 2-Dimensional grid.
   . Each pixel stores color information of image.
    . Number of pixels can be referred as resolution.
    . For Example, 1920 x 1080 has total of 2,073,600 pixels.

Pixels in Cameras:

   . Pixels in Cameras relates to image sensing capability.
   . A 5MegaPixel camera senses 5 million pixels in an image.
   . It senses the color information and stores them.
   . To capture an image with better quality, we have to choose Camera with more MegaPixels.