. An electronic device which receives and transmits signal to cover longer distances.
  . Used to increase length of network by eliminating effect of attenuation on signal.
  . Acts as signal boosters.

Types of repeaters:

  1. Telephone Repeaters: Used to extend range of telephone signals.
  2. Optical Communication Repeaters: Used to increase range of signals in fibre cable.
  3. Radio Repeater: Used to extend coverage of radio signals.

   . Depending on type of data they transmit, repeaters are of 2 types:
     Analog Repeater: 
     - Used in channels that transmit analog signals.
     - Consists of Amplifier, Filter circuits.
     Digital Repeater:
     - Used in channels that transmit digital signals.
     - It amplifies, retimes, resynchronize and reshape pulses.
     - Also called Digipeaters.

   . Without a repeater, signal couldn't travel long distance without losing power.

   . Repeaters regenerate signals and send them.

   . In a network, repeaters take signals from router and passes the signals to group of devices with same quality.