. RGB stands for Red, Green and Blue.
  . These colors can be combined in various proportions to form any color in visible spectrum.

Where we use?

  . RGB is supported in all browsers.
  . TV's, computer monitors, digital cameras and scanners use RGB to create colorful images.

How colors are formed?

   . An RGB color value is specified with red, green and blue.
  . Each color is in range of 1-255.
  . By specifying each color value, we get different color based on its value.
  . White is formed when hue intensity of all are high.
  . Black is formed when hue is completely low.
  . Total number of colors are 16,777,216.
  . In MS Paint, we can observe different color formation as below:
   . In HTML, colors are expressed in 6 digits in hexadecimal format.
     - First and Second: RED level
     - Third and Fourth: Green level
     - Fifth and Sixth: Blue level