Parts of a PC

   . Open the case of the PC using screw driver.

   . Inside the CPU, we can find different components.

      1. SMPS:

          Switch Mode Power Supply is used to provide incoming power to all the component in the PC.
          . Supplies power to Hard drive, CD Rom, Mother board and other connections. 

      2. Hard drive:

         . It is the main data storage device in the computer.
         . It is connected to motherboard using data cable and power is obtained from SMPS.

    3. CD ROM:

        . Used to insert CDs into it and run the albums present in it.
        . Similar to Hard drive, it also has data and power connections.

      4. Mother Board:

        . It is the important component in the PC where the complete process carries out.
        . Processor, RAM, PCI slots, BIOS, I/O connections, other devices are connected to it through cables.

     5. RAM:

        . Random Access Memory is placed in the slot on the motherboard.
        . All the programs we run uses this RAM memory for temporary storage.

    6. Fan:

         . Used to protect the processor from heat.

    7. Processor:

          . All the process that we want to make to function happens in the processor.
          . After removing the fan, we can see lock in which processor is placed. It looks like below:

        . By unlocking, we can see the processor inside it.

    8. Wired Connections on Mother board:

       9. I/O connections to PC: 

     10. Connecting with I/O and power: