Booting Pendrive using Cmd

     . Booting a pendrive means to make it ready to load an Operating System.
       . It enables computer hardware to make it use USB storage to get all essential information to boot a computer.
     . Booting can be done my making use of Command prompt or by using a Software like Rufus etc.

     Step 1: 

         . Connect pendrive to the computer.
         . Click on Windows>Run>Cmd

       Step 2:

          . Run it as administrator.
          . Type disk part in the command prompt. It takes you to Disk Management Utility.

         Step 3:

            . Now type list disk which shows all the connected drives to it.

        Step 4:

              . Now Select Disk which contains your pendrive.
              . Type commands as follows:
                 Select disk 1                     - It selects the disk which is your pendrive
                  Clean                                - It cleans up the data present in it.
                  Create partition primary - Creates partition primary to load the files in it.
                  Select partition 1            - It selects the partition to which it need to load.
                  Active                             - Makes the selected partition active.
                  Format fs=ntfs quick      - It formats disk in ntfs file system in quick mode.
                  Assign                              - It assigns the letter to the partition.

     Why is it used?

      . It is used to install the loaded files in a Computer.
      . After making a bootable pendrive, copy the ISO file or executable files in it.
      . Now it is ready to install all those files in a computer which you want to install.