Formatting Hard drive

    . Formatting means to prepare the chosen part of the hard disk to be used by Operating system by deleting all the data present in it.
    . Formatting can be easily done to all the drives except C because the Operating System is present in that drive.
    . While installing a new Operating System, we can format C drive.
    . Formatting can be done using command prompt and also by using Disk Management Tool.

    Step 1:

        . Open Disk Management tool by right clicking on Windows button.

   Step 2:

       . Select a Partition for formatting. Here I selected DocNew (E) drive.

   Step 3:

       . Right click on the selected drive and click on Format.

   Step 4:

       . Give a name to the drive in the Volume Label. I have given 'New'.
       . Select File system NTFS which is the best option because it is newer one compatible with Windows.
       . Set Allocation unit size to Default.
       . Check Perform a quick format to make the process faster.
       . Click OK.

    Step 5: 

         . It shows a pop-up showing Formatting will erase data in it. Click OK if you are sure about it.

     Step 6:

          . Now you can the Formatted drive with new name which you have assigned to it.