How Cat5 cables work

    . Cat 5 or Category 5 are the network cables used to connect computers to share data.
    . Uses 5th generation of twisted pair Ethernet technology.
    . Cat 5 handle upto 10 Mbps of data transfer.
    . It is enhanced to Cat 5E cable which is cable to transfer data 10 times faster.

    . Cat 5 cable has 4 pairs of wires which means 8 wires.
    . Only 2 pairs are actually used for communication, remaining 2 pairs are left over for other purpose.
    . One pair is for data transmission and the other one for the data reception.

    Color coding:

         . Based on the arrangement of colors of wires in an order, there are two types:
            - T568A
            - T568B


          . When we wanted to connect devices together, ports of devices will have different way of receiving and transmitting pins.
          . That means a PC has different pin configuration for receiving and Switch will have different pin configuration.
          . So, to connect them, their receiving and transmitting pins should be connected clearly for transmission of data.
          . Based on the type of device we connect, there are 2 types of connections:

          1. Straight through: 
              We use this to connect different types of devices like PC-Switch, Switch-Router, PC- Router etc.
              . Ends of the cable must be followed either of one type of color coding

          2. Cross over:
               . We use this to connect same types of devices like PC-PC, Switch-Switch.
              . It means one end of wire should be T568A and the other must be T568B.