Registering Domain Name

   What is a domain name?

        . Domain name is a website name.
        . Used for finding and identifying computers on the internet which we write on the url.
        . Computers use series of numbers called IP address to communicate but we could not remember those numbers.
        . Domain Name Servers translate domain names into IP addresses.
        . Every domain name has prefix and suffix called subdomain name and top-level domain name respectively.

      How to register a domain name?

          . Domain Names are registered through registrars.
          . Whenever an individual registers a new domain name, registrar is required to make registration information publicaly available.
          . With the help of domain name, users can visit our website instead of typing the IP address.
          . If we wanted to give a domain name to our website, we need to register paying an amount depending on the time period.
          . Price varies depending on which subdomain and top-level domain we are registering.

     List of domain name registars:

          Godaddy: Popular registrar which offers .com for $9.9 per year.
          1&1 Internet: It costs $0.99 in the first year for .com website and $14.99 per year thereafter.
          Namecheap: Costs $10.69 per year for .com website.
          Dotster: Costs $15.75 per year for .com website

     Process to register domain name using Godaddy:

         . Go to website.
         . Search for your desired domain name if it is available.

   . From the available domain names, select desired one.

   . Add it to the cart and select Continue to cart.

   . In the next steps, fill the details and continue with billing process further.