Router installation and Configuration:

   . To configure a Router, we must enter into Router's Configuration Page.
   . Type in browser and login to your router with Login name and Password.

   1. Setting Primary and Secondary DNS, Default Gateway:

       . Primary and Secondary DNS  are the servers which helps to translate domain names into ip addresses.
       . These are the databases which contains information about the domain name and its respective ip address.
       . We need to set up those Primary and Secondary DNS as directed by ISP provider.
       . Login to the router configuration and Click on "Manual Internet Connection Setup" at the bottom. Choose "Internet" in the left side.

         . Now enter the Primary and Secondary DNS in their respective fields.
       . Default Gateway allows to communicate devices from one network to another network.
       . It serves as Gateways to pass the packets through it.

   2. Setting up Wifi-name and Password:

      . Setting up Wifi name and password to router allows wireless devices to connect to internet with secured credentials.
      . To set up those, enter into router configuration page and Click on "Manual Wireless Connection Setup. Choose Wireless Settings in the left side.

          . In this page, we can set up giving a Wireless Network Name and Password in the Pre-shared key.

    3. Setting up IP pool and Lease Time:

       . IP pool refers to number of IP addresses we allow to be used in the network.
       . Lease time refers to time which a particular IP address is given to a device.
       . After lease time expires, DHCP allocates a new IP address to the devices.
       . Generally lease time is 7 days.
       . We can set up lease time and IP pool in router configuration page.
       . Connect to router page and click on "Network Settings" in the left side.

        . Now we can set IP pool in DHCP IP Address range and lease time in DHCP Lease Time.

   4. Setting a Static IP Address:

       . Setting a Static IP Address refers to we are reserving that IP address to our device permanently through DHCP server.
       . To set up, we need to login to router configuration page and click on "Manual Connectio Setup" and Choose "Network Settings" in the left side.

        . Now scroll down and find "Add DHCP Reservation" tab.
        . Enter the details of the device for which you want to setup static ip address. Click on Add/Update button.