Static & Dynamic IP

   . IP addresses assigned to device can be static or dynamic.
  . Static IP address remains constant and it is assigned by ISP.
  . Dynamic IP address keeps on changing and is assigned by ISP using DHCP.

  DHCP Server:

        . Stands for Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol.
        . It assigns IP Address to devices in the network automatically.
        . Present in the router which is inbuilt.
        . Whenever DHCP clients (any device in network) request for IP Address, DHCP sends free IP Address to the requested device.
        . Now the device can make use of that IP Address to access other devices and internet.
        . It is not fixed, IP address may change dynamically.

   DHCP Leasing Time:

        . DHCP leases a unique IP address to each device in the network for a certain period of time called 'Lease Time'.
        . Whenever lease time expires, assigned IP Address goes away.
        . Again the process of DHCP Discover to DHC Ack goes on to assign a new IP address.
        . Average lease time of an IP Address is 8 days.

   Static IP Address:

        . Permanent number assigned to computer by Internet Service Provider.
        . It is usually assigned to server hosting websites, data base, gaming, Voice over IP services etc.
        . Manually configured to a device like tablet, router, laptops, desktops etc.
        . Using Static IP means you can always access that computer with same address.

   How to know whether your IP is Static or Dynamic?

        . Type in 'ipconfig/all' in command prompt.
        . See whether DHCP enabled is 'Yes' or 'No'.
        . If it is Yes, then IP is Dynamic.

   How to change IP Address of computer?

        . We can change our IP Address and make it static.
        . It means we are asking DHCP server to fix IP Address to our computer.
        . Open Control Panel > Network and Internet>Network and Sharing Center.
       . Now choose Change adapter settings. Now select Network and right click and select Properties.
       . Now select Internet Protocol Version4 and click on Properties.
       . Now select 'Use the following IP address' and provide the IP address you want to fix. Click on OK.
       . Now check the IP address in command prompt. IPv4 is changed to the one we assigned and DHCP Enables is 'No'.