WhoIS Lookup

    . Internet service to lookup information about domain name.
    . Different registrars like Godaddy, 1&1 Internet, Namecheap etc have been approved by ICANN to register new domain names.
    . When new domain name is registered, these registers make them available over internet.
    . There is no centralized data base for domain registration information.
    . WHOIS look up the data in multiple registrars and provide information of that particular domain.
    . Information like domain ownership, when and where it is registered, expiration date, name servers assigned to domain can be find out.

    How to lookup domain name?

           . Go to the WhoIs website.
           . Enter the name you want to lookup.

           Example1: www.apple.com
               . You can see all the details regarding that website when you click Lookup.

                  Example 2: www.stoneprofits.com